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Lion’s Head Group Rebrands to Cygnum Capital Group

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June 21, 2023, 3:26 p.m.

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Lion’s Head Group, an emerging markets investment bank, has changed its name and rebranded to Cygnum Capital Group.

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Lion’s Head Group, an emerging markets investment bank, has changed its name and rebranded to Cygnum Capital Group.

The move is part of a new direction for the business as it expands its international footprint and repositions for greater growth and impact.

Since its creation 14 years ago, the group has grown from a small advisory business into a global operation, with a core strength in asset management and as well as sovereign and corporate advisory.

Today, it has 69 employees in five offices, working across four continents. It retains a strong focus on Africa and has grown to become one of Africa’s largest fund managers.

Cygnum Capital will be led by the group’s co-founder and CEO, Clemens Calice. 

The senior leadership team is represented by the Firm’s Operating Committee which is comprised of Martin Weber, James Doree, Orli Arav, Enrico Nora and Teresa Parkes. 

Calice said: “This change marks an exciting new phase in our story. Building on years of growth and strong support of our clients, Lion’s Head, now Cygnum Capital, is redoubling its commitment and focus on emerging and frontier markets. We stay true to our African roots but, to serve our clients better, we increasingly see the need to look at developing markets across multiple continents as a driving force that deserves dedicated coverage from a leading financial services business”.

Martin Weber, Head of Investment Banking, said: “Clients need high quality assistance navigating developing markets. These areas are more prone to macroeconomic shocks, were hit hard in the last financial crisis and are still recovering. While many established players, more used to developed markets, have left, our commitment is as strong as ever. Our focus, experience and resilience put us in a strong position to be the preeminent investment bank in this field.”

Orli Arav, Head of Debt Fund, added: “Frontier market investing requires creativity, dedication and perseverance. The developing countries we operate in offer attractive investment opportunities for investors that have a local footprint and intimate understanding of markets. Cygnum offers that best-in-class fund management and is committed to making these opportunities accessible and rewarding for global investors and our clients.”

The legal structure of the group remains the same, with two principal subsidiaries: Cygnum Capital Advisory and Cygnum Capital Asset Management.

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